Veteran broadcaster and former Western Mustangs football star Tom McConnell brings a wealth of knowledge to the microphone, giving intelligent and fast-paced treatment to issues that really matter to Londoners. Tom reaches beyond traditional local talk-show fare, inviting listener feedback on international stories as well as regional and national matters. It’s not just for intellectuals, either -- whether you want to stay up on Canada’s role in overseas conflicts or what happened to your favourite obscure TV sitcom, Tom McConnell will have the answer, usually with a side order of topical music.
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Vox Populi:
Say whatever you want, as long as you keep it under two minutes. Fridays at 11am

Ivey Business School Economist Mike Moffatt
appears regularly to talk about interesting business news

Media writer Greg David from TV, eh?
Joins the show on Thursdays to talk about television and answer TV trivia questions