London Today with Andy Oudman


Fireworks ! You don't have to wait till Canada Day, you can hear them every day from 9am to 12pm on Andy's Talk show.

Andy demands the Western Fair cancel plans to hit the disabled with an admission fee. Joe Fontana calls to kick in a thousand dollars, other city politicians start doing the same, Andy chips in a hundred dollars, the Fair has no choice...they cave and do what Andy wants. 

The big stories, the hot issues, Andy's got an opinion on all of them but loves to hear from those who disagree, every morning from 9 - 12pm. Just three hours - but he's always got time for "questions that plague humanity" like what to do when new friends invite you over for dinner at 5:30 making it clear you must leave by 9! It happened to him. The fact is, he'd be home by 8:30 busy preparing for another lively talk show. Make sure to check it out but fasten your seatbelts, it's a "4 coupon ride"!

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