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The Flu Shot: A matter of your heart!

Posted By: Steve Garrison · 10/28/2013 9:09:00 AM

Just after getting my flu shot live on the radio, still another reason to roll up your sleeve and get your flu shot.

A new study by Toronto researchers shows that vaccination against influenza doesn't just help prevent fever, muscle aches and chills-it can ward off a heart attack. The findings published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. This study involved 6700 patients mostly seniors. In simple terms you reduce your risk of heart attack by 36 percent if you had a flu shot in the previous year. The risk drops by 55 per cent among those who had already suffered a heart attack. I share this information with you because it is very timely as the flu season has just begun here in London and the southwest. It is best to have your flu shot early since it can take up to two weeks to achieve maximum ...

Can the province fix this?

Posted By: Steve Garrison · 10/21/2013 10:25:00 AM

This past Friday morning I did a segment on the upcoming police budget and interviewed Police Chief Brad Duncan about it. The new police budget has landed, once again with a thud! The London police budget is asking taxpayers for 4.2 per cent more. In nine years the budget has increased by about $30 million. The real story is 93 per cent of the police budget is taken by salaries which has spun out of control because of a provincial arbitration system that forces London to pay police officers comparable wages whether we can afford it or not. This whole process is broken and London is powerless to fix it. The province can fix this and they have heard all the warnings from municipalities all over Ontario. I leave you with this question: How much can London taxpayers afford for policing? You will hear the answer within the next four ...

The week that was: Liberals have run out of gas

Posted By: Steve Garrison · 10/11/2013 9:20:00 AM

This past week it would be hard to imagine a report more damaging to the Kathleen Wynne government that the one released Tuesday by the Ontario Auditor General on its decision to cancel the Oakville gas plant. You will remember when interviewing Dalton McGuinty, he estimated the cost of cancelling the plant was 40 million. This week we learn from the Ontario Auditor General the cost is 1.112 billion dollars. Using public dollars for partisan political purposes in one thing, but misleading you and me about true costs in unacceptable. Premier Wynee has told us she was not in charge when the gas plants were cancelled, but we know she was a key part of the government in the scrapped Mississauga and Oakville plants and many called her a McGuinty insider. In fact, her name is on the cabinet document that killed the plants.

Enough's enough, this liberal government has ...

Here we go again: The hockey fight debate

Posted By: Steve Garrison · 10/3/2013 9:02:00 AM

A fight in Tuesday night’s home opener in Montreal has reopened the debate around violence in hockey after the Canadians' George Parros was knocked unconscious as a result of a fight with leafs enforcer Colton Orr late in the third period. Many former players are suggesting take the fighting out at the top and we will see it filter out of minor hockey. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman told CBC's Peter Mansbridge that fighting was "part of the fabric" of hockey. When asked about changes, Bettman continued to say that the NHL respects the tradition of the game, when making changes in the rules with a game that is always evolving. Don Cherry said fighting is "the name of the game" and "If you fight, you get hurt.”  The NHL's new so called keep-your-helmet-on rule takes effect this season, that requires players to keep their helmet on during a fight. It ...

The weekend that was with Tim Hudak

Posted By: Steve Garrison · 9/23/2013 8:57:00 AM

This past weekend at the London Convention Centre, Tim Hudak told his party that he knew his performance had not been good enough. He had failed to be true to his own values and beliefs, he had cast an unappealing figure, and he would now set about making himself better.

Mr Hudak will get his second, make-or-break chance at the Premiers office within the next nine months. Here’s what he will be selling: tax cuts, selling booze in corner stores, and an outright attack on organized labour to major government cutbacks.  Tim Hudak's message was clear on the weekend. "I will be speaking through my heart" but I would rather see into his soul.