London in the Morning with Steve Garrison

London institution Steve Garrison answers all the questions you need to start your day: How should I dress the kids today? Is my usual route to work in good shape? What happened overnight? Whatès news in my city? Steve interviews the top newsmakers every morning and gets you out the door informed, updated and entertained.



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News, sports and business
every half hour with anchor Jill Young

Name The Newsmaker Quiz: 
Identify the speaker and main topic from Steve’s feature newsmaker interview, and you can win a prize just before 9am

The Roundtable:
Steve Garrison and afternoon drive host Andy Oudman discuss the top stories of the day, and are candid with their disagreements

Entertainment Notes:
News anchor Jill Young joins Steve and producer Ryan Spence at 8:40 to talk about the day’s entertainment news

Two Minutes Out Of The Box:
Mike Stubbs, voice of the London Knights, takes on a sports issue with humour and insight

Sports Shorts:
Mike Stubbs rounds up the previous night’s major league action and sets up what’s on tonight

Traffic and Weather Together:
Every ten minutes, at :00, :10, :20, :30, :40 and :50 past each hour