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The Most Evil Lady EVAAARRR

Posted By: Al Coombs · 9/27/2013 5:02:00 PM

Ladies and Gentleman,


This is the EXACT opposite of what to do....


My Struggle with 9-11

Posted By: Al Coombs · 9/13/2013 4:35:00 PM

Earlier this year, people all over North America recognized September 11 as the monumental event it was in 2001.
It’s been a few years now that I’ve felt very guilty about the way that I’ve recognized 9-11.

To be fair to me, I COMPLETELY reject the way that some people and some groups try to remember the day , and the events.
I find the petty attempts at making loose associations to the event “off base”, to say the least. I read one newspaper that tried to intrigue readers with the headline mentioning the father of one of their columnists died in the World Trade Center collapse. I heard one radio broadcaster in the States talk about how 9-11 now serves as one of the proudest moments in U-S history. And I saw a TV reporter (again in the States) lament how people weren’t somber enough all day. That it ...

Seinfeld Sports

Posted By: Al Coombs · 9/10/2013 1:59:00 PM

The man in the video is Adam Lefkoe, he works for a TV station in in Louisville. 

He is a sports anchor with a concern many of us have in broadcasting, the death of the "local" in broadcasting. In his particular case, he is fighting to keep the local sports guy on-air. 

So, he takes to twitter, and Facebook, asking people to choose a "theme" for his sportscast. He then puts in little "Easter Eggs" to his report. Tying in as many references as he can to whatever "theme" is chosen.

It's an interesting debate in broadcasting right now. What, if any, is the relevance of local broadcasting? What do we do to make sure YOU, the listener, the reader, or the viewer is either entertained, or informed?

Lefkoe's pitch is certainly uniqe, and creative (not to mention brilliant). And with the popularity of this video, no doubt there will ...

Prodigal Son Returns for Lightning

Posted By: Al Coombs · 8/28/2013 11:24:00 AM

At the London Lightning press conference yesterday afternoon, there was a weird vibe.

Taylor Brown, the General Manager of the team took to the mic stand and got things under way by saying, “He Is Back”.

He gestured to his left as a smattering of applause began, and there, looking a few pounds lighter than Lightning fans would remember, was the prodigal son. Gabe Freeman.

He came in to the NBL Canada world with a shockingly explosive talent from a smaller frame. Became the unsung leader of the team, and the MVP of the league in the inaugural season.

Now, here’s where his story becomes interesting…he left the team at the beginning of last year for a TONNE of cash being offered by a team in the Philippines.

He left the Lightning and headed to the other side of the world. On his way out, he tipped his hand to ...

What Joshua Taught Us

Posted By: Al Coombs · 8/9/2013 4:51:00 PM

I want to remind you of a story that warmed the hearts of many people a few months ago.

Matt Kemp from the L.A. Dodgers was caught on a video that went viral, giving his hat, shirt, and shoes to a fan.

We didn’t know much about the fan, apart from him obviously having some health problems, and that he was a Kemp fan.

The behind the scenes story was that he was, indeed very ill. His name is Joshua Jones.

And from that day on, Kemp and he had a relationship. Kemp flew him down to see the Dodgers in L.A. a few times.

Kept in touch with his family. Last night, just as Kemp was about to take batting practice he got a text from Joshua’s family. His long battle with brain cancer had ended.

Joshua had passed away.

Joshua’s family mentioned in press releases and quotes that ...